Le Sage

Le Sage is a unique software solution for music publishers. It is thoroughly crafted since 1992 to bring you a complete, centralized and intuitive management system for your publishing activity.


Le Sage lets you import automatically catalogues from more than 30 formats (most PROs and publishing management softwares). You have fine control over what is imported, how duplicates (homonyms) are handled, how catalogue updates should be processed, etc.

The electronic registration module lets you export your catalogues in several formats for your sub-publishers and registration all over the world (using CWR usually).


You can precisely define what, who and how you payout, globally for whole catalogues. You can define exceptions, either for a sub-catalogue or even song by song.

Your shares can be conditional : only apply when some condition is met (rights come from a specific country for example) and fall back to default rates otherwise.

Royalty statements can be printed (or exported to PDF or Excel) in two different languages (you have total control of the translations) depending on each payee’s preference. You can combine several statements in one big and get precise summaries (with pie charts).

Hack your data

Today, everyone is exchanging huge volumes of data. When a client sends you his catalogue, you’d better be an Excel wizard to sort it out, audit and clean up what is wrong, add yourself in the chain…

Le Sage comes with several toolboxes to help you deal with thousands of works , get things clearly organized, so that you can answer any question in seconds.

Groups of works

You can create as many groups as you need, place songs in these groups and use them for querying your database (top earners, profitability…), define your royalty payouts, adjust copyright shares, apply templates…

Catalog fixing workshop

As the name implies, these tools will help you clean up and complement your catalogues to prepare them for registration.

User interface

Le Sage is hailed for its intuitive interface. It uses the latest technologies to help get things done quickly and simply : drag and drop, auto-filters (as in Excel), one click sort, auto-grouping (for fast subtotals), ribbon interface… Each user can choose between 50 visual themes to adjust luminosity, size, mood and comfort of work in general.

Performance and security

Le Sage uses a high performance database engine (PostgreSQL) that can run on Windows, MacOS or Linux, in a local network or cloud. In the latter case, security is achieved by using client and server certificates through SSL/TLS connections (so it is safe to use it through the Internet without VPN).

You can backup your whole database in one click, any time, as often as you wish, even if others are working on the same database.

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