Database hosting

This technology lets you access your databases wherever you are as long as you have internet access (at home, your office, at clients…). It allows your co-workers to work together as if they were in the same room, even if they are hundreds of kilometers away from each others.


Access to your data is secured by a SSL/TLS connection with client and server certificates : each person to which you grant access to your database will have his/her own personal certificate. For each connection :

  • the program checks the server’s certificate,
  • the server checks the user’s certificate,
  • the server checks that the user has rights to access the database


The server hosting your data is powerful, has a great amount of memory and is dedicated to data management. It makes your “long” operations (royalty calculations for example) to execute much faster than on a standard office computer.


The databases are backed up every day and these backups are transferred to two different sites. Backups are kept for 15 sliding days.


  • One database : 30€ / month
  • each subsequent database : 10€ / month

Account creation, generation and provision of certifiate : 15€ per account.

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